Social Media Can Improve Your Online Reputation

The same way negative reviews on social media sites could potentially ruin your reputation, it could also have the exact opposite effect. Your planned and proactive participation in social media could create a positive buzz about your brand.

Many social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, naturally have so much power that makes them rank for your brand name very easily. This is one way negative content may be pushed down in the search engines.

Creating new blogs with your brand name in the domain name or URL is also a great idea. Sites such as WordPress, BlogSpot, and Tumblr allow you to create blogs with subdomains. You may use your brand as part of the subdomain (i.e.

However, please note that simply creating these profiles may not be enough. Once profiles are created you would need to have regular updates and post content on them. You will also need to increase your “Likes” and Friends.

To properly do this, our recommendation is to register profiles on as many social media sites as possible. A minimum of 300 different profiles would be our recommendation.

In addition, registering your brands on different social media sites would lock down your brand on them so that you would not risk losing them to cyber squatters or someone that may place negative content on them.

(Note from Pierre Zarokian:  My company iClimber offers a service that can register your profile on up to 500 social media sites. )