About Pierre Zarokian

Pierre Zarokian has a background in computer science, IT, and web development. In the mid-90s, while developing a search engine for a yellow page company, Pierre became interested in how search engines determined their rankings, and eventually decided to start a search engine submission and optimization company. He founded Submit Express  in 1998, right around when Google was launched.

The company started in his parents’ garage with virtually no investment, and became successful within the first year. Submit Express has won numerous awards such as INC 5000 (2007-2009) and FAST 500 (2008-2009). They have been ranked as the number 1 SEO company by Website Magazine.

Pierre Zarokian also runs iClimber , a Social Media Marketing company and founder Reputation Stars , which is a reputation management company. Both iClimber and Reputation Stars are sub-divisions of Submit Express, Inc.